Friday, June 3, 2016

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips You Should Know

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips You Should Know

We already know just how important it is for us to be well nourished throughout our pregnancy. These nutritional tips are easy to implement and are highly beneficial so why not implement them today?

Just One Apple a Day Will Keep Asthma Away
‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Who hasn’t heard this
before? But what many are unaware of is that the research shows
that eating just one apple a day throughout your pregnancy will
actually reduce your child’s risk of developing asthma when he/she
is older. One of the studies learned that when mothers ate apples
regularly throughout their pregnancy these children had far less
wheezing and other asthmatic symptoms.

Eat a Banana to Reduce Swelling
Edema is common with pregnancy. However, the potassium that is in
bananas can actually help to reduce your swollen feet and legs. So
why not go ape and start eating plenty of bananas.

If You Want a Happy Baby Eat Chocolate
In 2004, Finland scientists found that eating just a small amount
of chocolate regularly throughout your pregnancy led to having a
happier baby. The study questioned 300 women who ate chocolate
throughout their pregnancy and they reported happier babies than
their counterparts. However, this doesn’t give you an excuse to
eat chocolate excessively. Remember just a tiny bit daily will
satisfy your chocolate cravings and keep your baby happy. It’s a

Skimmed Milk Equals Whole Milk
If you have always drank skimmed milk and the thought of drinking
the fatter, richer whole milk doesn’t sit well with you, there is
some great news – Skim milk has as much calcium as whole milk it
just doesn’t have the same fat content. So you can drink with the
worry of calories and enjoy all of the benefits.

Coal and Mud Cravings Mean More Iron is Needed
If you have strange cravings to eat coal or mud, it means your
likely need more iron. Visit your OB or midwife to be tested for
anemia. You can increase your consumption of foods that contain
iron or if you’re really depleted you may be given an iron

Woman who are pregnant commonly stress and worry about whether they are eating right. A healthy diet is a great start. These simple tips are a great way to add to your nutrition and they will benefit both you and your baby.

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